Firefighting Helmets


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Fireman Helmet, Yellow, Type B, 3/4 Size Shell, Clear AF/AS Visor, Chin Strap (Liner Yellow), R972RED Red Color Reflective Stripes, R960 Aramid Nomex Ear and Neck Protector, Model: MAGMAYLWB – Bullard
Fire Fighting Helmet

EN443:2008, EN14458:2004, EN 166:2001, NFPA 5 min. 250?C + MIL-V-43511C

? Choose your personalized Magma from two unique configurations, Type A (half size shell) or Type B (three-quarter size shell) with a unified look
? Sleek design accommodates a wide variety of accessories and electronic components
? Can be easily reconfigured for new applications
? Magma offers the lowest weight and the most superior comfort in its class

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