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Hyster J3.0XN
Small and tough, the Hyster E2.2-3.5XN electric forklift truck delivers a low cost of operation, high level of performance, energy efficiency and superior manoeuvrability.

Ideally suited to indoor operations in the print, paper and packaging, food and beverage production, manufacturing and transport and distribution industries, the Hyster E2.2-3.5XN forklift truck with solid cushion tyres excels in the toughest of operations.

Hyster E2.2-3.5XN Electric Counterbalanced Fork Lift Truck Highlights:

Excellent durability and stability are provided thanks to the compact and tough chassis construction, reliable components and the HSM? (Hyster Stability Mechanism) featured on the steer axle. The trucks also feature robust mast design that delivers reliable, high performance lift capability and an 80V battery with extended shift life
The tough and powerful Hyster E2.2-3.5XN features an AC traction motor which delivers smooth acceleration, high travel speeds and swift direction changes, as well as superior torque performance. With regenerative braking the E2.2-3.5XN ensures efficient load handling in demanding indoor operations
Uptime is enhanced by the reliable Hyster E2.2-3.5XN with AC motor technology on traction and hoist, with built in thermal management system for operation in demanding applications during long shifts
Durable and dependable components help to deliver a low cost of operation and include O-ring face seal fittings and sealed electrical connectors which are protected to IP65 standards. The electrical system features a CANbus communications network and Hall Effect sensors, which further enhances the truck?s reliability, reducing the possibility of downtime
Unrestricted, easy access to components, including the battery, help to simplify serviceability. Quick and easy maintenance planning and troubleshooting are facilitated by an on board diagnostic display
The compact Hyster E2.2-3.5XN forklift truck with tight turning circles provides excellent manoeuvrability, even in narrow aisles or congested loading bays where space is restricted
Performance settings, including the balance between performance and energy efficiency, can be selected to meet the specific requirements of the application, using the VSM (Vehicle System Manager). Options are HiP (High Performance) or eLo (Energy Low)
Optional side battery removal also helps to reduce downtime and there is a wide range of options including truck capacity, battery size and shift life, wheelbase options (short or long), performance and manoeuvrability, to suit the specific application requirements

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